stage 1 diagnostics facilityStage I Diagnostics, Inc. (Stage I) is a Delaware C-Corp founded in 2005 to commercialize a panel of novel diagnostic tests capable of detecting early stage ovarian cancer and prostate cancer as well as other cancers.

Early detection of ovarian cancer, which primarily affects postmenopausal women, could save up to 50,000 lives a year. Complimentary to CA125, TAB™ is clearly needed to effectively monitor all ovarian cancer patients and to provide a panel of markers to diagnose early stage disease as well as offer opportunities for therapeutic intervention in cancer patients.

To date, Stage I has produced serum based diagnostic tests for seven new markers. These seven tumor antigen biomarkers called TAB™, coupled with CA-125, comprise an initial diagnostic panel that has been verified for efficacy utilizing a limited set of serum samples. The complimentary tests include MMP-7, SCCE (KLK7), TADG-12 (TMPRSS3), TADG-14 (KLK8), TADG-15 (Matriptase), ALP (SLPI) and Hepsin for which Stage I holds composition of matter patents and/or use patents for cancer diagnosis.