Baptist Health Enters Agreement with Stage I

October 16, 2017

Baptist Health and Stage I Diagnostics Enter Agreement to offer cancer Blood testing

Early and affordable cancer diagnostics offered to Arkansans

Little Rock, AR, October 10, 2017–  Baptist Health (Little Rock, AR) has officially entered into an agreement with Stage I Diagnostics (Little Rock, AR) to offer Arkansans a test with prognostic and diagnostic value in the earliest stages of cancer.  These tests quantitatively measure the levels/expression of certain aggressive cancer causing proteins in the blood with a simple blood test. Stage I was incubated at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Bio-Ventures while researching and identifying novel genes involved in the actual tumor growth and spread.  The company was founded by Dr. Timothy O’Brien in 2005.

“We are excited to work with Stage I in ensuring that Arkansans have access to the newest technology in the state, consistent with Baptist Health’s mission to respond to the changing health needs of the citizens of Arkansas.”-Greg Stubblefield, Vice President, Clinical Services, Baptist Health.

“Stage I is an Arkansas based company.  It is only fitting that we partner with a well respected, community focused organization like Baptist Health in achieving our goal of early diagnosis and prognosis in a variety of cancers.  Our assays will be informative for physicians and affordable for all Arkansans”-Don E. Fowler, CEO-Stage I Diagnostics, Inc.

“Stage I’s mission is “early detection of aggressive cancers in order to give patients better outcomes.”

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Don E. Fowler at 501-353-0014 or email at [email protected]